Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sketch Covers by NO!

So for the last con I did I bought a handful of blank sketch covers so I could get sketches done on them. Well I got all caught up in the hoopla and got only one of the four covers done. Now I am sitting on them wondering what I should do with them. Well I figured I might as well give it a shot because I've never really tried doing one before. The first one I did was Detective Comics and I really really liked how Batman turned out on the cover, but not so much for Superman on the back. My intention was to make Superman hovering but I'll admit my weakest part of drawing is full figure people. I just have a problem with the sizing. The second sketch cover I chose to do was Hulk. I really liked how it turned out because I wanted to do a serious Hulk but not necessarily a traditional Hulk like everyone else does. Both covers have been colored
with Copic Markers.

Batman by NO! (cover)

Superman (back cover) and Batman (cover) by NO!

Hulk cover by NO! 

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