Tuesday, October 8, 2013

24 Hour comic Day 2014 Recap

This past Saturday October 5th was the nation wide event known as the 24 hour comic day. Originally created by artist Scott McCloud the idea is that you draw one comic page an hour for 24 straight hours so when you are all done you have a completed comic. This is my 5th year participating in this event that we hold locally here in Spokane, WA. The best I've ever done was 13 pages in 20 hour a couple years back and man did it take me a while to get back on track. It really messed me up sleep wise. After that I've slowed down to work on whatever I feel like doing on my own time no matter what the rules say. This year I drew for 12 hours from 10am till 10pm, but when I say draw I maybe only drew for 6 hours because I took breaks and had many friends come to visit with me which was cool.

This year I decided to do a Daryl Dixon comic based on the character as seen in the AMC show "The Walking Dead". My thought was it being a 6 page mini but I only got 4 pages kind of done. Each page would only a narration from Daryl while he was morning his brother Merle as seen in page 4. I am really please with how page 1 and page 4 turned out thus far. Will it ever get finished? I am not sure. I'd like to but it would most likely only be a digital release at best. So for now just enjoy the pretty pictures.

Page 1 by NO! 

Page 2 by NO! 

Page 3 by NO! 

Page 4 by NO! 

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